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Saint Andre Home was started on Easter Sunday, 1940, by the Good Shepherd Sisters of Quebec. Since then, Saint Andre Home has offered experience, knowledge, and personal guidance to young women and families.

The extensive expertise of our staff, combined with years of case management services, make St. Andre Home distinct in our field. We work to bring families together in all of our programs and services. Most importantly, we do this during a time that is very stressful for those involved. In some cases, the situation might be described as “crisis”.

Today the Agency continues to grow and adapt to the changing demands of the times. Through the leadership of the Sisters, the Board of Directors and our dedicated staff and your support, we strive to carry on the work and spirit of our founding mothers through our Mission:

  • To serve women and  children in need;
  • To strengthen and restore  child and family life;
  • To promote the individual dignity  of each person approaching the Agency with a need.

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