The Center for Parenting & Play

Saint Andre Home was started on Easter Sunday, 1940, by the Good Shepherd Sisters of Quebec. Since then, Saint Andre Home has offered experience, knowledge, and personal guidance to women, children and families.

Our most recognized work has been our residential treatment programs for pregnant women and our adoption program.The services were originally funded by the Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, also known as Good Shepherd Sisters of Quebec, as well as by many donors who supported the mission. As society changed, the State of Maine helped fund some of the residential services we provided. For this, the agency will be forever grateful to the State of Maine and to the many donors who funded services that served so many women and children in need.


Hope Rising

In July of 2013 the priorities of the State of Maine changed, which resulted in devastating cuts in funding to these and many other programs throughout the State. In response, Saint Andre Home Inc. worked to explore options for funding our two legacy programs, while offering additional services which would remain true to the mission. With grant funding from the Betterment Fund and the Next Generation Foundation respectively, we were able to open two new  programs:

  • The Center for Parenting and Play – offering counseling services for children and parents, play therapy, parenting time (supported visitation), parenting classes and open playtimes.
  • Hope Rising – Maine’s first residential treatment program for survivors of the crime of human trafficking.

On February 1, 2016, we announced the closing of two of our two legacy programs: Starling Place, our residential program for homeless, pregnant women; and our Adoption Program.  While these were very difficult decisions for the Good Shepherd Sisters and the Saint Andre Home Board of Directors to make, it presented an opportunity to commit more resources to each of the two new programs to strengthen them, while staying true to our mission:

  • To serve women and children in need;
  • To strengthen and restore child and family life;
  • To promote the individual dignity of each person approaching the Agency with a need.

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