Saint Andre Home was started on Easter Sunday, 1940, by the Good Shepherd Sisters of Quebec. Since then, Saint Andre Home has offered experience, knowledge, and personal guidance to women, children and families.

The Center for Parenting & Play


Hope Rising








On February 1, 2016, we announced the closing of two of our legacy programs: Starling Place, our residential program for homeless, pregnant women; and our Adoption Program.

While these were very difficult decisions for the Good Shepherd Sisters and the Saint Andre Home Board of Directors to make, it presented an opportunity to focus efforts exclusively on our two newest programs:

  • The Center for Parenting and Play – offering counseling services for children and parents, play therapy, parenting time (supported visitation) and parenting classes.
  • Hope Rising – Maine’s first residential treatment program for survivors of the crime of human trafficking.

Although we have refocused our efforts on these two key programs, the mission of the Good Shepherd Sisters is still in backbone of everything we do:

  • To serve women and children in need;
  • To strengthen and restore child and family life;
  • To promote the individual dignity of each person approaching the Agency with a need.



Our adoption program is now closed. 

If you are birth parent who was a client of St. Andre Home and need support or wish to contact an adoptee, or you yourself are an adoptee seeking information about your birth parents, please call Anna Casey at (207) 282-3351.

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and considering an adoption plan for your baby, or you are a prospective adoptive family wishing to being the adoption process, please contact:

Adoption Partners of Maine –Client-centered services for birth parents, adoptive parents, and adopted children

Office: 888-635-6935   /    24 hour pregnancy line: 844-300-LOVE (5683)