Respect for God-given life is the cornerstone of Saint Andre Home’s mission. It is our hope that the value system to which we are committed will continue to live and grow through the dedicated collaborative effort of each Staff and Board Member with the Good Shepherd Sisters.

Saint Andre Home is a private, non-profit, Catholic organization designed to meet the needs of Maine women and children. Our clients and residents receive the same top-level programs and services regardless of nationality, ethnic background, religion, or ability to pay.

The mission of Saint Andre Home is to:

Serve women & children in need;
Strengthen & restore child and family life;
Promote the individual dignity of each person approaching the Agency with a need.


The charitable work of Saint Andre Home was started on Easter Sunday, 1940, by the Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, also known as the Good Shepherd Sisters of Quebec.

Since then, Saint Andre Home has served thousands of families through counseling, housing, parenting classes, health care and resource  management, and domestic and international adoption services. 

Today, by offering their leadership and support, the Good Shepherd Sisters continue their strong commitment and keep the mission of Saint Andre Home alive throughout the state of Maine.

Through careful management of monies received via private donations, fundraising efforts and grant funding, we continue to serve young mothers, babies, and families in Maine.

Board of Directors 2022

Board Chair

Charlene Philbrook


Mary Colombo


Sister Claire Lambert

Finance Chair

Marc Lamontagne

Sister Carol Lachance, RSM

Sandy Alaimo

Sister Joanne Roy, SCIM

Nancy Patterson

Yvonne Borelli-Chase

Anna Youngmann



Sister Terry Gauvin, SCIM


Sister Lucille Gardner, SCIM


Beth Ansheles

Recording Secretary / Registered Agent

Sister Lucille Duhamel, SCIM

Legal Advisor to the Board

Robert Boudreau, Esq.


Sister Joanne Roy, SCIM

Tom Vose

Our Adoption Program is now closed

If you are birth parent who was a client of Saint Andre Home and need support or wish to contact an adoptee, or you yourself are an adoptee seeking information about your birth parents, please call Anna Casey at (207) 282-3351.